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Central School Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

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We are 4th & 5th grade gifted students in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.  We are very excited to join the group.

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Verónica said

at 12:09 pm on Oct 24, 2011

Welcome to the project! Hope you learn a lot and have a nice time here, too!!

radnitzerk@d62.org said

at 3:28 pm on Oct 24, 2011

chips is a lot of fun! chips is a program for gifted kids. We are eager to share information about our lives and learn about others daily life.

Verónica said

at 9:31 am on Oct 26, 2011

Wow! That sounds exciting! My students would like to know what is "chips" about.

radnitzerk@d62.org said

at 3:38 pm on Nov 1, 2011

CHIPs stands for Children with High Intellectual Potential. Students in the CHIPs program have been identified as gifted. The gifted program is a "pull-out" program which means that they leave their classroom and get to come have fun with Mrs. Radnitzer (who is extending their learning in exciting ways:) for 90 minutes per week. We meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, right after lunch. Oh, and sometimes we actually have to do some work too!

We have written a little bit about our daily lives as we prepare to create our digital stories. Mrs. Radnitzer is going to post a couple of our pieces of writing. Let us know what you think.

radnitzerk@d62.org said

at 3:41 pm on Nov 1, 2011

A Bad Day by John
Around 7:15 I get up and hop in the shower. By 7:45 I am dressed and ready for breakfast. It's usually 8:00 when I pour the milk into my cereal. Now it's 9:00... Wait! What! I'm late! I'm late! I hop in the car and I get a tardy slip by 9:05. The morning is fine - just my usual - until I notice I forgot my backpack! I have no home work to turn in and no food. By the end of the day I have a yellow slip and I am starving. It's 3:30. My Mom comes to pick me up when she say...RING RING RING! What was that!? It was my alarm clock. It was all a DREAM!

Verónica said

at 11:15 am on Nov 2, 2011

A beautiful piece of writing!

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